Saturday, September 16, 2017

Championship .. the first for the new season.

                                    The pontoon was rainbow coloured and bustling
                           with crew preparing for the first major event of the sailing season

                                              Georgia had her eye on what lay ahead,
                                                Restless; John and crew were out and about early...
Lex opted for a mono day on Super Freaky
                                     SonOfABeach was back in one piece for a new season                        
                                                Tony, Claire and Tiernan  kept it in the family
                                              Tuan led the fleet across the start line
and without further ado , 
                                                            Super Freaky found clear air
                                                              Tuan covered Intriigue

                                       and away they went to the further reaches of the harbour
with Fleur de Lis, a late starter bringing up the rear 

.. and then it was over to the dinghy fleet who suffered through a number of  course changes due to shipping movements; proving flexibility can be a great benefit to the senior part of the fleet! 

                                                          Race 1 brought out the willing ...              
                                              with Martin coming off second best in round 1
                                              The more conservative players found clean air,
                                               and the ones with L plates on played it safe
                                 Will has grown up over the holidays ..amazing how that happens!
                                                Charlie was not quite comfortable yet!
                                             while Josh was cruising out in front !
                                                      There were close calls at the mark
                                                    the mid fleet players stayed together
                                                               Charlie .. bright and white out there
                                                              flashes of colour on the harbour
                                         Peter and Christopher had a team thing going
                                                      There were big ships on our playground !
                                                                  Big, big ships  too

                                           Josh was all smiles having avoided that big ship...
                                                      Martin wasn't to be caught out again..
                                                                Sailing can be vocal!
                                                                  with Grunt!
                                              Charlie was starting to find the angles
                                                           Round and round they went
                                                     Mitch is going to be a threat
                                                             Tim has a new Triple T
                                                         Maria is playing it safe
                                                   Matt is honing his skills for the State Titles
                                          Morgan the lone Laser, stuck to her game plan
                                                  While Will tried for Cool

The burning question was ? How will Kens knees hold up ? 

                                        The final race was a relay of reaches .. but fun !
Restless led the yachts home 
                                             Three times around the mark can be wearying
                                 Solitaire and a happy team cruised on by                                    
                                                             Martin kept a low profile

                                                           Impressive sails on Intriigue

                                                            Pete and Chris .. smooth sailing
                                                       Pete and Chris ... Not so smooth sailing
                                            Pete and Chris .. bait netting
                                                        Some days that is how it goes!