Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Christmas Party

                                                       Merry Christmas everyone !!!
                                 A convivial group gathered to see what Santa brought ..

                                                             for the kids that is..

                             the sailors had ordered new Dinghies, or new yachts, or just new parts..

                                                             the crowd slowly gathered..


                                                                              settling in...


                                           and when Santa arrived it was the usual extravaganza ...

                                                                of good wishes and gifts


                                                               mostly for the younger set...


A visiting Barker


A will grin

a Poppy smile

 then Santa headed off to the Pauls place over in snowy Canada
and the jolly celebrations began with...
The Bosses wife...
the support teams

the fellas held up the bar..
A bevy of beauties..

Not you Santa..!!!.


Grandmuma's, mums and kids
new friends..

                                                             hard working club members

all beside the Christmas tree!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Good luck, and safe travel to all the sailors heading away to Regattas
See you all back here next year.. and bring your friends!




Saturday, November 29, 2014

Championship Race No 4 .. and where were the boats?

                             It was another race day, and I expected to arrive to a hustle and bustle,
                             to the sounds of chattering voices, the groans and whipping of wire rigging; the
                             bright colours of lifejackets, rashy sun suits and sailing hats......

                                                                      Was it raining?


                                                       NO! though it did look a little like this!

                                                         It must be almost Christmas!
              Maybe everyone was shopping?, gear failure? , too windy? too tired?, too hungover?

                                                       Luckily some members of the PCSC were there..

                                                                        The starting crowd

                                                       the have fun in Herc duo of Maria and Dave.

                                                                 the keen Impulse sailors

                                                          who don't mind a bit of spray in the face!
                                                              David , who makes it look easy

                                                           while  I make it look artistic!

                                                                        into the sun..

                                                     Lucky Miss Behaviour turned up!

                                                         .. they did get past that buoy!

                                                                 with Dirk and Brandon to assist

                                                       it was a balancing act!

                                                                  a day for the brave!

                                                                     or adventuous!

                                                              wet sheets, bow to the wind,

                                                                      steering on uneven keel..

                                                       a win at the start.. and line honours a certainty!

                                                          .... against the wind

                                                             and crashing waves

                                                                  dinghy sailors braved it too

                                                                     frowning concentration

                                                              one lonely Pacer

                                                                        racing starts

                                                           racing cause he's late!

                                                                bow down,

                                                                 bow up..

                                                                   Morgan held her ground

                                                               careful on the gybes

                                                                        testing new sails

                                                              into the white caps

                                                                         a few challenges


                                                                     buoy roundings,

                                                                  same again

                                                            traversing the harbour

                                                               downhill sledding

                                                                      amongst the best

                                                                            wet again

                                                             chasing them down

                                                          enough for me.. I'm out of here!