Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sprint Series Heat 1 and 2 September 26th

A mixed fleet of yachts and dinghies turned out for the sprint race series held on Sunday.

They too-ed and fro-d (if that's possible)

The day was humid and muggy, but the rain held off so 7 yachts headed to the start line for Race 1 while about 4 dinghies raced in front of Spinnaker Park.Well 6 plus the very late No Problem.!

Once more Loco got off to a good start with a boat laden with a holiday crew of little kids and big kids- including my kid!


I love a crew who co-operates and all smile for the camera!

Will and Ben

Sophie even krept aboard while Loco waited for us all  to finish!

..... the Moth was scooting around again...

Steve Berry and Roger Fawcett on the new trimaran, Intrigue looked like they were having fun!

While Solitaire - she was here , she was there , she was everywhere!

Theres a boy in there! Trey, Mike Beyers and Rob Auty

Rag Top and Freaky played it safe 

Adrian had lost his boat (the skip was doing the Gold coast Worlds- Sea World, Dreamworld you get my drift...)

Muriel had the helm on upshot

and a pretty picture to finish the day.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Championship no 1 Sept 18th

 Championship Heat 1

The first championship of the season started with another boring no wind start - however I did manage to take  a few interesting shots of the different approaches to calm water sailing.

          The  worried look on slims face indicates the conversation probably went like this," Are you sure that's enough rum? We could be stuck out here for a couple of hours".

              Then, Fuzzy Logic had the three blondes on board , so perhaps it was more like .........
Love your shoes .................yak yak yak............

There were so many dinghies out it MUST have been Championship......

                                There wasn't much happening anywhere, including on the yachts...

Yak ..yak.. oh tactics .....sorry !!!

The peolpe working hardest were the Tooters!

   But finally the race started, and the tactics of doing the exact opposite to your opposition came into play...

Frooty chased Freaky  ...but in other places...

some chose more permanant tactics.........

Freaky was freaking us all out!
                           Those of us on Wayfarer started looking for weight to toss overboard...........

As we passed everyone heading home....
we settled  for eating the holiday supplies - thanks Jenny!!

Loco rounded the mark in front........

Upshot found the only wave in the harbour on the day!..

There was other action to amuse us  ................

or the "have a chat "option ......  after all we are  a social club!!!!

Rag Top made a picture .............

See you all later............ and that is another story....................

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Around the Islands race 11th September 2010

The Race around the islands of Gladstone Harbour started with a slow drift as seven or eight yachts tried to make use of the tide to float them over the start line.  It was flukey at best for the first half of the race until we managed to get around Witt Island.

Fenders because the most popular accessory as Thylacine drifted backwards through the fleet at the start line. Immigrant and Loco manged to find the wind first - something to do with having only Mars bars and Red Bull onbooard apparently!! Lots of hot air!

As you can see i love getting a shot like this!

Rag top was the surprise performer of the day, out in front with Super Freaky and Froot Loop. Froot Loop has to have the award for persistence as Cameron was determined to get that purple kite flying evan if it took all day!

The girls worked hard on Loco!

Margie and Max were looking after us - mostly they were just enjoying the flat water !!
On Wayfarer - what can i say - we enjoyed the scenary, Hannah had her L plates on and steered us around the course, allowing the photographer to get a few nature shots along the way.

A nest on top of a channel marker.

And some oother shots from the day!
Yachtie fashion
Freaky and Frooty!!
Muriel looking as if she is on the French Riviera !!!
L Plates - Be very afraid!!!
Thinking about that kite!
Victoria and the crew


Looked like everyone was on L plates!

A smashing time


Brad, Kaye and Ernie

And something arty to end !!